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HerbTools Bong Store


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About Global Gathering Report

Posted on March 22nd, 2010 by looselucy.

Welcome to Global Gathering Report.  This blog is dedicated to the promotion and discussion of various meeting spaces for individuals against the global war on drugs. There are currently a wide range of forums all over the world that allow for open dialogue on drug reform and for the open celebration of cannabis culture as a personal lifestyle choice.

The View from Wesleyan

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Wesleyan Cannabis CultureAs you walk towards Foss Hill (often called The Hill, or Foss), a miniature hill at Wesleyan University, you are greeted by the prestigious Olin Library on your left and by rugged Hewitt (one of the many dorms on campus) on your right. Both buildings give the impression of a well known academic space.

The Rainbow Gathering

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Every year since 1972, the Rainbow Family of Living Light has been holding its Summer gathering in the National Forests of the United States, bouncing to a different state each year, from coast to coast. A loose network of hippie tribes that celebrate their diversity, the Rainbow People caravan cross-country for the annual back-to-nature affair that starts building in June and climaxes with a silent meditation for world peace when the rest of America is setting off fireworks on July 4.


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