Our Stance on Drugs

OUr Stance on DrugsAlthough cannabis is our primary focus, our mission also implies coverage of other illicit substances, which are frequently integrated with cannabis as both a target of enforcement efforts and control by criminal cartels. This unfortunate reality is a result of the Single Convention treaty, to which nearly all governments are signatories, and which criminalizes benign and beneficial herbs like cannabis and coca leaf along with the deadly and highly refined white powders such as cocaine, heroin and methamphetamine. We support full legalization of cannabis, and decriminalization of "hard" drugs, because we believe that it is the best way to undercut the control of the drug trade by criminal cartels, and will ultimately lead to less coke, smack and meth on our streets.

Human beings have a natural desire and an inherent right to alter their state of consciousness. How this is done depends on social context—from the shamans of the Amazon, to the old folks watching the ball game at the local bar in small-town America, to the crack-heads and junkies of the Lower East Side and East LA. The War on Drugs—and especially the war on cannabis—is the least conducive policy to responsible drug use. We uphold the right to personal cultivation of cannabis as a positive alternative to buying cartel pot. In no sense do we encourage or condone the use of dangerous and addictive white powders such as coke, smack, meth, granulated sugar, etc.

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