Obama commutes sentences of 42 drug war POWs

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ObamaPresident Barack Obama on June 3 announced that he had commuted the sentences of 42 inmates convicted of drug offenses as part of his ongoing effort against "outdated and unduly harsh sentencing laws." The White House statement said: "The individuals receiving a presidential commutation today have more than repaid their debt to society and earned this second chance." The 42 were serving sentences of up to life in prison for non-violent offenses. The statement noted that Obama has now commuted the sentences of 348 such convicts—more than the past seven presidents combined.

However, these figures have to be kept in perspective. Nearly 10,000 non-violent offendors who would have likely received a substantially lower sentence if convicted of the same offenses today have applied to the White House for clemency. The list is getting longer, not shorter.

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Obama grants clemency to 214

Global Ganja Report's picture New commutations by President Obama this week bring his total number to 562, and represent the most granted by a president in a single day since 1900, according to the White House blog. This is especially good news for 67 prisoners who were serving life sentences—almost all for nonviolent drug crimes, noted the blog. (High Times)
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Obama grants clemency to 111

Global Ganja Report's picture President Obama shortened the prison sentences of 111 inmates Aug. 30, including 35 people who had expected to spend the rest of their lives in federal custody. The Justice Department told NPR that their lawyers have worked through an enormous backlog of drug cases and—despite doubts from prisoner advocates—they will be able to consider each of the thousands of applications from drug convicts before Obama leaves office in 2017. "At our current pace, we are confident that we will be able to review and make a recommendation to the president on every single drug petition we currently have," Deputy Attorney General Sally Q. Yates said.
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