West Bank settlers patronize Palestinian dealers

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Middle EastJewish settlers from the Tapuch Junction area of the West Bank are suspected of purchasing hashish and cannabis from their Palestinian neighbors in the nearby village of Hawara. Israeli police investigating drug-smuggling across the "Green Line" that divides the West Bank from Israel detained several Palestinian youth at the village last week—and found that a confiscated client list included settlers from neighboring militant Jewish communities, including Yitzhar, Itamar and Har Bracha. Four Jewish clients were subsequently detained.

The case has created a stir, as Hawara villagers frequently hurl rocks at Israeli motorists, and the village has also been targeted by the settlers' so-called "price tag" attacks. The Israeli media dubbed the unlikely development a case of "green peace." (YNet, ANSA, Jan. 23)



Israeli settlers for legalization? No thanks...

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 Oy vey. Right-wing Israeli politician and West Bank settler Moshe Feiglin, who made headlines earlier this year for attempting to provoke a confrontation with Muslim worshippers at the Temple Mount, has a piece on the Israeli news portal YNet Sept. 20 "God owns the cannabis patent," in which he comes out strongly for legalization and states: 

I believe that being a Jew means being free. The whole Jewish message is a message of man's freedom – slavery only to God and not to any human regime. This is why I support reducing legislation in general, granting broader autonomy to the average citizen, reducing the State's authority, annulling religious laws, shutting down the Israel Land Administration and returning State-owned lands to their rightful owners – the people of Israel.

Hoo-boy. The Israel Land Administration certainly isn't controlled by any "people" other than the Israeli, and is basically a body for redistributing seized Arab lands for Jewish settlement. Presumably, his call to abolish it is a right-wing libertarian prescription for private ownership—by Jews. In other words, speeding up the redistribution of seized Arab lands to Jewish settlers. The "rightful owners" of a large chunk of Israeli state lands—probably the majority—are Palestinian Arabs.

This may seem off-topic for a cannabis-oriented website, but Global Ganja Report says: With friends like these, our favorite herb doesn't need enemies, thanks.


Comment by Bill Weinberg on Sep 20th, 2012 at 8:11 pm

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