Prop 19 conspiracy theories —roll your own!

Posted on November 1st, 2010 by Bill Weinberg and tagged , , , , .

Shadow WatchConspiracy crank Kurt Nimmo on the perennially loopy turns to California's Proposition 19 for his latest fanstay fodder, picking up on a pipedream already spun by "Stoners Against Legalization." It goes something like this: Gazillionaire investor George Soros, an underwriter of 1996's Proposition 215 (as well as pro-democracy movements throughout the post-communist world), made a last-minute $1 million donation to the pro-19 campaign. It turns out he is also a big investor in the evil biotech giant Monsanto (and lots of other things, God knows). Therefore, Prop 19 is all a scam to allow Monsanto to develop GMO "terminator cannabis," wipe out home-growers and dominate the market with patented "non-active" varieties!

Worse, it seems that the Drug Policy Foundation, which received the million-dollar grant, includes as honorary board members ex-Federal Reserve chairman Paul Volcker and ex-National Security Advisor Frank Carlucci!

Never mind that Soros' donation came at the 11th hour, after he had kept Prop 19 at a distance throughout the campaign. Never mind that cannabis will remain illegal at the federal level, allowing Monsanto to be shut down if they dabble in the Evil Weed. Never mind that the Calfornia Chamber of Commerce opposes Prop 19. Everything that Soros has done for the cannabis movement, from 215 on, has been an evil conspiracy to rid the world of THC!

It seems some people in the legalization scene have fallen for the lure of fascistic thinking.

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