New Mexico, Virginia latest to legalize cannabis

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leafNew Mexico's Gov. Michelle Lujan Grisham signed the state's cannabis legalization bill on April 12, allowing those age 21 and over to start cultivating up to six plants at home and possess up to 2 ounces (56 grams) outside their homes starting at the end of June. Retail sales are to begin in a year. On April 7, Virginia's Gov. Ralph Northam reached a deal with the General Assembly, winning amendments that speed up the state's legalization to July 1. The law will make home cultivation of up to four plants and possession of up to an ounce legal for those 21 and older. Sales are expected to begin in 2024. The Virginia law has strong social equity provisions, while those in the New Mexico bill were mostly put off to future legislation. (National Law Review, AP, NPRVirginia Mercury, Marijuana Moment, Marijuana Moment)

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Virginia legalization signed into law

Global Ganja Report's picture Virginia Gov. Ralph Northam on April 21 signed a bill legalizing marijuana possession. The bill makes it legal for adults age 21 or older to possess a maximum of one ounce of marijuana and allows a household to grow up to four marijuana plants starting on July 1, the Associated Press reported. The distribution of marijuana is still illegal and its use is not allowed in public. Legal retail sales of the drug will not begin until 2024 and the state has to come up with a new agency to regulate the trade. (The Hill)
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