Crackdown on Portugal hashish connection

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EuropePortugal's Public Security Police (PSP) announced Nov. 19 the seizure of 128,000 "individual doses" of hashish in a Lisbon raid, which also saw one arrest. The operation coincided with Spanish police seizing 1.5 tons of hashish in a joint cross-border maritime raid. Portugal's National Republican Guard (GNR) seized the boat at the fishing village of Isla Cristina after it was intercepted and boarded by the Spanish Coast Guard off Andalusia. It was apparently bound for Portugal when it was intercepted. (Portugal News)

Oct. 31 saw a similar raid, with Spanish and Portuguese police announcing the dismantling of an organization that used powerboats to import Moroccan hash into both countries, with 15 arrested.  The ring allegedly used a network of specially-equipped piers and warehouses to receive shipments  As part of the operation, police seized 2,400 kilograms (2.7 tons) of hashish in three raids, as well as 23 speedboats, four jet-skis, 12 vehicles, 4,750 liters (1,255 gallons) of unsafely-stored fuel and 463,465 euros ($510,100) in cash. (AP)

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