Australia poised to permit medical marijuana cultivation

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OceaniaAustralia is anticipated to soon legalize cultivation of cannabis for therapeutic and resarch purposes, following a bill introduced to Parliament in Canberra Feb. 10. The proposed legislation, backed by Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull and leading political parties, would amend the Narcotic Drugs Act of 1967 to allow licensed cultivation and distribution of medical marijuana. The law would also change the Therapeutic Goods Act of 1989 to permit farmers to cultivate and distribute. Introduction of the bill follows recent moves by several Australian states and territories to provide patients participating in clinical trials with access to the herb.

"This government understands that there are some Australians suffering from severe conditions for which cannabis may have applications,  and we want to enable access to the most effective medical treatments available," Health Minister Sussan Ley told Parliament, according to the AP

"Allowing controlled cultivation locally will provide the critical missing piece for a sustainable legal supply of safe medicinal cannabis products for Australian patients in the future," she added to Reuters.

As NORML notes, to date only Canada, Israel and the Netherlands license private growers to provide medical marijuana to qualified patients at the national level. Colombia and Puerto Rico are also expected to begin licensing medical marijuana cultivation in the near future. Under a general legalization law, Uruguay is now preparing to permit cannabis sales at state-licensed pharmacies.



Australia legalizes medical cannabis

Global Ganja Report's picture Australia's Parliament today gave overwhelming approval to a bill to legalize medical cannabis, establishing “licensing and permit schemes for the cultivation and production of cannabis and cannabis resin for medicinal and scientific purposes.” The measure is supported by the nation’s prime minister, and is expected to be quickly be signed into law. (The Joint Blog, Feb. 24)
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