Alabama enacts (limited) medical marijuana law

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AlabamaAlabama's Gov. Kay Ivey signed a bill May 17 legalizing the use of medical cannabis products in the state—on strictly limited terms. The new law, coming after decades of Republican opposition, allows use of extracts, tinctures, tablets or gel cubes—but not herbaceous flower, or any other products that can be smoked or vaped. Edibles such as cookies or candies are also barred.

The law names 16 qualifying medical conditions, but also stipulates that medical marijuana should not be the first option; it should be recommended “only after documentation indicates that conventional medical treatment or therapy has failed unless current medical treatment indicates that use of medical cannabis is the standard of care.” 

The bill also contains language on the necessity to balance the needs of employers to have a "strong functioning workforce with the needs of employees who will genuinely benefit from using cannabis for medical use in a manner that makes the employee a productive employee."

Alabama is the 37th state to approve the use of medical marijuana products, according to the National Conference of State Legislatures. (Jurist,

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