Suriname strongman's son popped in Panama

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CaribbeanOpposition legislators in Suriname are calling on President Desi Bouterse to resign following the arrest of his son by DEA agents in Panama Aug. 29. Dino Bouterse was was apparently travelling on a diplomatic passport when he was busted on charges of operating a cocaine trafficking ring. The US federal indictment, filed in Manhattan, also charges him with violating firearms laws by wielding an anti-tank weapon during a drug offense.

President Bouterse—who was the country's military dictator in the 1980s and has long been accused of involvement in narco-trafficking—painted the arrest of his son as a conspiracy to destabilize his government, noting that it came just as Suriname assumed leadership of the Union for South American Nations (UNASUR) and hosted a summit of the regional body. "It was perfect timing," the president told reporters. "Luckily it did not achieve its goal."

The younger Bouterse had a Facebook page that included multiple images of heavy weaponry and drug paraphernalia. (Al Jazeera, Sept. 4; TMP, Sept. 3, Sept. 1; Jamaica ObserverEpoch Times, LAHT, Aug. 31)

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