Showdown over cannabis coops in California counties

Posted on August 12th, 2011 by Global Ganja Report and tagged , , , , , , .

CaliforniaOn Aug. 9, the Board of Supervisors in California's Kern County passed an ordinance that bans medical marijuana cooperatives. But advocates have already launched a referendum drive to stop the ordinance. "We want to see an ordinance that works for everybody," said Craig Beresh, president of the California Cannabis Coalition. "That regulates it, gets taxed and is beneficial for Kern County as well as the collectives." Professional signature collectors are headed to Kern County to drum up more than 17,000 names needed before the ordinance goes into effect Sept. 9. (KGT, Bakersfield, Aug. 11)

That same day, the Lake County Board of Supervisors heard hours of public testimony before voting to move a new ordinance on dispensaries through the approval process. The ordinance would allow a  total  of five dispensaries operated by cooperatives in the unincorporated areas of the county. There are currently 10 dispensaries, that have operated in the county's jurisdiction since the BoS enacted a temporary moratorium in September 2009. (Lake County Record Bee, Aug. 9)


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