Patients testify in bid to halt restrictive Montana medical law

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cannabis A former cancer patient and the husband of an elderly woman with serious health problems told a district judge in Montana June 20 of their concerns about whether they can still obtain medical cannabis if a new law takes effect July 1 to ban commercial growing operations in the state. The testimony came in the first day of hearings in a lawsuit filed by the Montana Cannabis Industry Association and others asking Judge James Reynolds to issue an injunction to stop the law from taking effect. 

"If this law's enacted, I'm a dead man," said Pointe Hatfield of Gardiner, 60, a former river guide who has had cancer in his head, neck and throat. "I tried to grow it. I can't grow it. It died on me." Hatfield said he has a caregiver in Livingston who sells him his monthly 1-ounce supply for $200. Maintaining the current commercial market is vital, he said. "It's the same as going to a drug store to get an aspirin." 

Charlie Hamp, 79, is concerned about still obtaining a $40-a-month cannabis tincture for his wife, Shirley, 78, who has lost weight since having her esophagus removed and replaced with the lining of her stomach . Asked if he wants to grow medical marijuana and produce tinctures, Hamp said, "Absolutely not. I have no expertise in gardening of any kind." (Missoulian, June 20)

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