Nine congress members protest medical cannabis crackdown in letter to Obama

Posted on November 1st, 2011 by Global Ganja Report and tagged , , , , , .

Nine Congress members on Oct. 31 issued an open letter to President Obama urging him to put a halt to new aggressive Justice Department tactics aimed at dismantling California's medical marijuana industry. "It's endanger the lives of patients," the reps state in the strongly worded letter, which calls for rescheduling cannabis. It especially urges support for HR 1983, the States' Medical Marijuana Patient Protection Act, which was introduced by Rep. Barney Frank (D-MA) earlier this year.

Seven of the signatories are from California: Sam Farr, Bob Filner, Barbara Lee, Dana Rohrabacher, Pete Stark, Mike Thompson and Lynn Woolsey. Jared Polis is from Colorado and Steve Cohen is from Tennessee. Rohrbacher is the only Republican among the signatories. (CelebStoner, Nov. 1; Santa Cruz Sentinel, Oct. 31)

Graphic:  DRCNet


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