Montana gov will allow law curbing medical cannabis to take effect

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cannabisMontana's Gov. Brian Schweitzer said April 29 that he will let a restrictive new medical marijuana bill take law without his signature. With the legislative session about to end, procedure allows unsigned bills to take effect until the new session in 2013. "So I will hold my nose and allow this to be law until the Legislature gets back to session," Schweitzer said. "I'm not going to sign it."

Senate Bill 423 repeals Montana's 2004 voter-approved law that allowed patients and caregivers to legally possess cannabis plants and products with a doctor's prescription. The number of Montana users soared to about 30,000 under the law, and dispensaries opened across the state. Earlier this year, Schweitzer vetoed a bill that would have banned medical cannabis outright.

Under the new law, which is to take effect July 1, patients will have to provide stronger proof of a qualifying illness to get a cannabis prescription. Those who are approved may grow their own cannabis or get it free from a provider who may grow for up to three patients. SB423 puts into place much stricter regulations on dispensaries and is intended to make it more difficult for those claiming "severe chronic pain" to get medical marijuana cards. Large grow operations and storefront dispensaries must shut down by July 1. (The Missoulian, WSJ, April 30)

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