Italy decriminalizes medical marijuana cultivation —for some

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ItalyItaly took a step towards relaxing its marijuana policy Jan. 15, when the Council of Ministers approved a measure that removes criminal penalties for researchers who violate terms of their cultivation license, making it punishable only by a light fine. Justice Minister Andrea Orlando was quick to emphasize: "This does not decriminalize those growing weed on their terrace." The Italian military maintains a monopoly on cultivation for medical users, while only a handful of private firms have licenses to cultivate for research purposes. Those caught growing their own without a license still face up to a year in prison and a €4 million fine. But support is growing in parliament for a general decriminalization or even legalization that would extend to personal cultivation. Last July, over 200 lawmakers agreed to provisional text for a legalization bill.

One Italian firm, Nativa, has just launched a website seeking local franchises to grow and market cannabis. "We are certain that 2016 will be the year that marijuana is legalised, and we have decided to bet on this," Nativa's management said in a statement. "Once the market emerges, there will be many possible ways to make use of these opportunities." (Lawyer Herald, Jan. 18; Reuters, Jan. 17; The Local, Jan. 15; La Reppublica, Jan. 14; ANSA, Jan. 12)

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