Emerald Triangle braces for "Operation Full Court Press"

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CaliforniaLaw enforcement agents in six Northern California counties are preparing for the largest series of cannabis raids yet conducted in the Emerald Triangle.  "Operation Full Court Press" will unleash hundreds of local, state and federal agents, first targeting the Mendocino National Forest, combing the mountains for illegal growers who authorities say have set up "huge plantations" deep in the woods, some reportedly numbering tens of thousands of plants. Law enforcement contends that many of the illegal growers are Mexican nationals who are linked to large drug-trafficking cartels. As evidence of a strong Mexico connection, prosecutors point to hundreds of Mexican nationals arrested in recent years at illegal outdoor grows in the Golden State. (California Watch, July 21)

Mendocino County Sheriff Tom Allman said: "The operation this year is going to have an impact on drug-trafficking organizations, marijuana supply that affects the rest of the nation." Bruce Anderson, publisher of the Anderson Valley Advertiser, is skeptical. "You are not going to catch Mr. Big in the pot patch with $100,000 in cash," he said. The expensive, large-scale force will, as with similar operations in the past, find few if any growers when they get to the putative plantations. The growers, with access to modern technology and cell phones, will be well alerted and long gone. (Cal Coast News, July 7)

Authorities on July 8 busted a major grow operation in the Trinity National Forest of California's far north. The Red Bluff Daily News reports that several law enforcement agencies eradicated more than 22,000 plants near Pattymocus Butte in Tehama County. The Tehama County Sheriff's Department said the operation followed a June 28 raid at the grow site that led to the arrest of two men, who were charged with cultivation of marijuana and possession of marijuana for sale. Law enforcement officers said they found a substantial number of plants there, but chose to return to clear them later because rain and clouds limited helicopter use. When the officers returned, they raided eight different cultivation sites in the area. Four suspected growers escaped, they said. (AP, July 11)


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