East Oakland warehouse raid yields 2,500 plants

Posted on April 27th, 2012 by Global Ganja Report and tagged , , , .

CaliforniaPolice arrested 11 suspects and seized 2,500 cannabis plants in a raid of a "heavily fortified" warehouse in East Oakland, authorities announced April 26. Oakland police, including SWAT team members, converged on the warehouse on the 900 block of 89th Ave., which was rigged for video surveillance and had doors bolstered with reinforced steel. In addition to the plants, officers seized 50 pounds of "dried, processed" cannabis; $40,000 in cash; four handguns; a shotgun; two assault rifles; two sets of body armor; and a "ballistics face mask" and helmets, the police department said. "This is one of the largest marijuana recoveries in recent years in the city of Oakland," said Assistant Chief Anthony Toribio. "This was a well-organized marijuana factory." (San Francisco Chronicle, April 27)



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