Case against Dennis Peron dismissed

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Dennis PeronArrested last August in San Francisco for possessing marijuana, meth and child porn, Dennis Peron had his day in court Aug. 3, and scored a win when the DA dropped the case because the "burden of proof" was not "beyond a reasonable doubt." Peron immediately declared, "They dragged my name through the mud for a year. I'm going to sue [the San Francisco Police Department] for a million dollars. They soiled my name for no reason."

It turns out the photos that were found on a computer at his home/hotel, the Castro Castle on 17th St., were of "full-clothed girls." The photos were uploaded by a guest on one of the hotel's shared computers. Peron, however, admits to having a pound of pot on the premises. "It was mine, I grew it and I was in the process of smoking it," he maintains.

Peron is generally attributed to being the leader of the California medical-marijuana revolution. When San Francisco legalized medipot in 1994, he opened the Cannabis Buyers Club. Peron co-authored Prop 215 in 1996, which legalized medical marijuana in California, the first state to do so. (CelebStoner, Aug. 4)

Photo: Dennis Peron publicity shot


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