32nd annual Harmony Festival: party with a purpose

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HarmonyThis weekend, the Sonoma County Fairgrounds in Santa Rosa, California, will host the 32nd annual Harmony Festival. Considered both a music festival and an exposition for counter-culture lifestyle options, Harmony Festival’s core values include health, art, ecology, healthy living, and spirituality. Starting out as the Health & Harmony Festival in 1978, Harmony is now the longest continuously running premier music and lifestyle festival on the West coast.

CEO Howard “Bo” Sapper refers to this event as a “party with a purpose,” and long-time attendees of the Harmony Festival have recognized that “many of the emerging concepts showcased at the festival over the last three decades, such as new thought in ecology, social activism, artistic expression, and alternative spirituality, have now become accepted components of American Culture” (Harmony Festival History).

This year’s musical performances include a special appearance by Lauren Hill, two sets by the rock/reggae collective Slightly Stoopid, as well as other acts popular on this summer’s festival circuit including Steel Pulse, Galactic, Zappa Plays Zappa, and 7 Walkers.  Other attractions include an Eco-village, Eco-Wellness Sanctuary, Crafters Village, and an Art Village.  


The distribution and use of illegal substances are, of course, prohibited. There is, however, a Peace in Medicine smoking tent available for registered medical cannabis users for their personal use. Additionally, Harmony will feature discussion panels and lectures dedicated to the open discussion of mind-altering substances, including a “Psychedelics and Culture” panel with Ralph Metzner, Gary Bravo, Martin A. Lee, Maria Mangini, and Patricia Winters. Harmony also welcomes a number of drug-friendly organizations and vendors, including Organicann and Erowid Center.

Weekend passes and single-day passes are still available on-site and for a reduced price online. For a complete schedule and more information, please visit the event website www.harmonyfestival.com.


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