Cannabis market Reports - New York City

New York City

Posted on October 1st

          New York City is home to every type of marijuana imaginable. Delivery services offer the best strains; currently popular Sour Diesel, Headband, Blue Dream, OG Kush and other Cannabis Cup Award staples go for around $20 to $45 per gram, delivered to your door within an hour or two. It is harder to get delivery services to visit places outside Manhattan or Wiliamsburg, but dozens, if not hundreds of services flourish in the five boroughs. Most services are somewhat strict in terms of referrals. If you are visiting New York City it is advisable to put the word out that you are looking for one. Street sales still occur in Manhattan’s Washington Square Park but there are a plethora of cameras, undercovers and scam artists there. Their weed is usually Mexican, Caribbean or Dixie sativa and sells for around $10 to $15 per gram. if they call it “hydro,” they are probably lying.



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