Cannabis market Reports - California


Posted on September 30th

      California produces the largest supply of high-quality marijuana in the world. Breeders are in a constant race to engineer the most potent strains. Prices creep up in late spring and through the summer. Count on paying from $15 to $40 per gram for the best product. Medical marijuana is widely available in sunny California. Dispensaries offer live plants, seeds, hundreds of edibles and several varieties. As of this writing, one needs to be a California resident to purchase a card from a reefer-friendly doctor in order to enter a dispensary. For those without a card, penalties and enforcement vary from city to city for possession and public smoking. Immigration officials and cops looking for drugs are more prevalent near the border. Keep your stash to under an ounce and you're less likely to have to visit the local police station. If you have a safe or locking tool box, California law forbids the police from opening it without a search warrant—a good move if you're moving significant weight. Smoking tobacco on the beach is now illegal. Macro photos of Tahoe OG Kush and Orginal Grand Daddy Purple courtesy of Harborside Health Center in lovely Oakland.


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