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DEA: 'Stealth Marijuana' Legal In North Carolina
K2 is not marijuana. Some say it is better than lawn trimmings in a pinch.

Athletes Caught with seven grams.
NC State - From ABC News.

Medical marijuana gaining support in N.C.
From Raleigh, Durham, Fayetteville
Raleigh, N.C. — State lawmakers could vote on a bill legalizing marijuana for medical purposes this spring.

Rep. Nick Mackey, D-Mecklenburg, sponsored the bill and held a Thursday night rally at the University of North Carolina at Charlotte to support medical marijuana.

House Bill 1380 passed an initial vote last year and is now in a health committee.

North Carolina Cannabis Patients Network (NCCPN)
The goal of the North Carolina Cannabis Patients Network (NCCPN) is to educate the public at large to the safety, efficacy and need for patient protection and medical marijuana legislation in North Carolina.

Urge General Assembly to protect medical marijuana patients
From Marijuana Policy Project
Last update: May 12, 2010

House Bill 1380, introduced by Rep. Earl Jones (D-Guilford), received a June 18, 2009, hearing in the House Committee on Health. This bill would allow patients suffering from debilitating medical conditions to legally use medical marijuana if their doctors recommend it. This hearing was the first time an effective medical marijuana bill received a hearing in the North Carolina General Assembly. The legislature returned for the second year of it's two-year session on May 12 with the bill pending in the Committee on Health.

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