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The Gentrification of the Drug Markets on New York City's Lower East Side
A fascinating history of the New York City drug delivery evolution. Excellent for researchers, funded by the National Institute of Justice in the late 1990's through the John Jay College of Criminal Justice. Authors Ric Curtis, Barry Spunt and Travis Wendel.

firstprevioustopnextlast FAQResearchAll Academic Inc. Citation Documenting Bifurcated Marijuana Markets in New York City
"Pilot research has revealed two major markets for marijuana in New York City, which we label as designer and commercial. This dual market is clearly evident in most marijuana publications (High Times, Cannibible, etc.) and widespread perception of variations in quality among users. This presentation analyzes data collected about retail level purchases of marijuana. A hundred retail purchases were weighted and self-reports by purchasers provided important independent variables. Each purchase was weighed to the nearest hundredth of a gram; the price per gram was computed. Data analysis documents whether users get as many grams as they thought they had purchased and provides variation regarding weights and price/gram of various retail units..."
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Medical marijuana passes committees, to be included in budget?
From Marijuana Policy Project
"Last update: June 5, 2010

"2009 started out as a very exciting year for New York's medical marijuana legislation, but a Senate leadership struggle kept compassionate medical marijuana legislation in limbo for months. We are hopeful that 2010 will finally be the year that patients are protected in New York."

Why New York City is the Marijuana Arrest Capital of the World
From By Ethan Nadelman
"Although marijuana was decriminalized in New York State in 1977, Bloomberg's police arrested more than 46,000 people last year on marijuana possession — 10% of all arrests in the city, up from 1% in the mid-1990s.
If possession of marijuana is supposed to be decriminalized in New York, how does this happen? Often because, in the course of interacting with the police, individuals may be asked to empty their pockets, which results in the pot being "open to public view" — which is, technically, a crime."

New York City's Massive Marijuana Arrests
From the Huffington Post
New York City remains the marijuana arrest capital of the world, according to an upcoming report by Queens College Professor Harry Levine. In 1993, there were only 900 arrests for possession of small amounts of marijuana, while 40,000 people were arrested in 2008--mostly young Black and Latino men. Dr. Levine calls this a "marijuana arrest crusade." What's going on here?

State Dems want to legalize medical marijuana to help plug budget gap
From the New York Daily News <br>ALBANY - Senate Democrats are counting on a pot of gold! <br> <br>They want to legalize medical marijuana as a way to generate nearly $15 million in licensing fees to help plug the state's $9 billion budget gap.

National Drug Intelligence Center New York Drug Threat Assessment November 2002
The DEA's odd take on marijuana.
"Violent crime is not frequently associated with the abuse of marijuana in New York. Marijuana abusers generally are characterized as nonviolent, and the drug's effects typically depend upon the user's personality and expectations. Low doses of marijuana tend to induce relaxation..."

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